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Groot and Dancing Baby Groot Pop Vinyl repaints

Groot and Dancing Baby Groot Pop Vinyl repaints

I AM GROOT! Seriously who didn’t love Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy? I know I did, as an adult he was like this adorable miniature – but still tall – Ent. As a baby, OMG seriously like a tree puppy, actually a teacup tree puppy. Needless to say it was only a matter of time before Pop Vinyls released them (what aren’t they releasing now?). I love all my pops (I collect quite a few), but I’ve never had an urge to repaint any, until this week in the workshop, whilst literally watching paint dry on a prop build. Adult Groot Pop Vinyl sits in front of my Mac in the workshop, he’s my inanimate company. As I looked into those big black eyes, I just thought ‘you my little plastic friend, need a repaint’.

Adult Groot Pop Vinyl Unpainted Bobblehead figure

Adult Groot Pop Vinyl before repaint – Poor little naked guy with no repaint

This was a fun little project while I waited on paint and glue drying on other projects I was working on. I also added some flocking to it, because, well texture, color and he’s meant to be a plant. Didn’t overdo it, sometimes less is more.

Adult Groot Pop Vinyl Repaint by Nerfenstein

A little repaint for Adult Groot Pop Vinyl, he looks so adorable!

Needless to say once adult Groot was repainted, I started looking at my baby Groot Pop Vinyl with disdain. I figured his little plastic body could do with some repaint love also. The colors are a bit off, thanks to how rubbish my iPhone camera is at picking up color, but the slightly richer color in the top one is closer to what it looks like in reality.

Adult Groot and Baby Groot Pop Vinyl repaints by Nerfenstein

Adult and Baby Groot Pop Vinyl’s with a repaint makeover. You can almost see that butt wiggle

And that my friends is that, hope you liked it, the lovely people on my Facebook Page sure seemed to!

Till next time people… what do we say?! ….
Nerfenstein Out!

Originally written for home blog of Nerfenstein… Gold Coast based Nerf Modder, Prop Maker and Artiste who just happens to have a vajayjay. Catch up with her on her Facebook page, or if you Tweet… there’s always Twitter and guess what, she actually replies!

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