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Prop ammunition tutorial – Simple shotgun & Mass Effect ammo

Prop ammunition tutorial – Simple shotgun & Mass Effect ammo

Feedback suggests y’all love it when I do prop making tutorials and modding tutorials, so here I am with what must be THE EASIEST way to make some pretty nifty looking prop ammunition. In this particular instance I did scifi shotgun shells and Mass Effect thermal rounds. I chose these because I figured futuristic looking shotgun ammo props might be of use to budding film makers and modders, whilst Mass Effect thermal round props.. no explanation needed.

If you follow me on Facebook you will know if I find something I think will be of use to the lovely people who follow me there, I post it. Everything from hair-rollers as rifle suppressors to tampon syringes as “Underworld” style blue glowing ammo (yeah, that actually happened lol). These everyday items that can be used in prop making are a lot of fun to me, finding something mundane and turning it into a nice display prop – fun. Take these match holders for camping for example.

scifi shotgun ammunition props mass effect thermal ammo prop replicas

Waterproof match holder makes great futuristic shotgun rounds and Mass Effect thermal ammo props!

I don’t know the availability of these outside my local area, where I got them in a dime store, but I’m sure you will be able to find similar in your local camping or disposals store. These little containers screamed ammo prop to me when I saw the.

Mass Effect ammo rounds and scifi shotgun round props

Mass Effect ammo props and scifi shotgun rounds – Quick and easy!

These were simple to make, took them apart, adapted the lids with either a drill press mark, or by gluing an additional bit of junk on, sanded each piece. sprayed them with a black base coat. Once dry, simply dry brushed the shotgun rounds red and the lid section brass, then gold. For the Mass Effect thermal rounds sprayed the main body silver, dry brushed the lids silver also (painted one of the retaining rings red on one) and added decals I made in photoshop. Presto futuristic shotgun shells and thermal clip props based on the ones from Mass Effect.. FIN!

Til next time funsters….

Do good things!

Nerfenstein out!

Originally written for home blog of Nerfenstein… Gold Coast based Nerf Modder, Prop Maker and Artiste who just happens to have a vajayjay. Catch up with her on her Facebook page, or if you Tweet… there’s always Twitter!

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  1. Love the ammo, what a clever idea, I am looking at things in new light now. This will be of usefulness to my cosplay group for back ground prop pieces. Thank you.

    • You are more than welcome.

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