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Nerf Rebelle Guardian Shark Bow and Pink Crush Billy Bass fish mods

Nerf modding blasters into fish

Greetings Nerf modding fans, I’m back with a new Nerf mod – actually two – and something fishy is going on. Yes I’d been floundering around my workshop (groan) and finally pulled two of the Nerf Rebelle models out of the pond, err storage area and set to work.

When I first saw the Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow I thought it resembled a shark, I jotted that on my workshop whiteboard and moved onto doing the Nerf Rebelle Power Pair as my first Rebelle mods. This week I’ve finally finished the Guardian Crossbow and Pink Crush, stripping them of the girly and injecting some teeth and scales.

For the Nerf Guardian Crossbow I went with your standard shark colors, various shades of grey and white. For the smaller Nerf Pink Crush (WHYY!!) bass type fish I went with various shades of green and yellows. Needless to say I did my usual blued metal look on the black parts of both guns, this was for two reasons, one I love that look and two it moved it away from the fish thing and harkened back to the fact that they are actually guns.

nerf blaster fish mods because why not nerfenstein girlygamer

This is also the first mods I am adding a gallery descriptor to. Those are the little white cards you see in galleries with – generally speaking – pretentious explanations of what the piece is trying to say. This is just a fun thing I will be doing to each mod and prop from now on, you know, because it’s art… or something.

Galleria de Nerfenstein
Gun Fishin! – Nerfenfish Circa 2013
The shark as predator is indicative of many social issues, including gun culture and the socio-economic stratum. The ideology of the big fish eating the small fish, one devouring of the other, is highlighted in this art piece. Pfft whatever, it’s a fish mod, get over it lol.

Gun fishin! …. do good things!

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