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Harley Quinn giant hammer cosplay prop and pop gun

Harley Quinn hammer time! Can’t touch this!

Another commission done, this time it’s Harley Quinn’s ‘pop’ gun and giant hammer. These are for a lovely girl who is going to cosplay Harley, can’t wait to see them in full swing… bad pun, but I will post pics when I get them. I LOVE Harley Quinn’s giant hammer, it was such a cool prop to finish because it’s just so insane, a bit like Doctor Harleen Quinzel herself I guess.

Harley Quinn’s hammer has various styles, dependent on the artist / medium inspiration is drawn from. I collated a bunch of reference shots and mixed them together and came up with something I hope is unique for the photoshoot.

harley quinn giant hammer prop by nerfenstein girlygamer

As you can see I went with a giant section of log / tree trunk for the head of the hammer, this was made out of foam, the reason being, it would be WAY too heavy otherwise, given it’s size. I detailed the heck out of it, with age circles, bark texture, ‘Your Face Here’ engraving, a little ‘battle damage’ and some Harley Quinn diamonds. The staff is a giant dowel with foam and plastic details, and a faux leather wrapped grip.

harley quinn cosplay props by nerfenstein girlygamer

This was actually a commission I’d been asked to make almost a year ago and the person disappeared and so it remained unfinished, I’m so glad the lovely Isobel brought life back into this project and I can’t wait to see the photoshoot photos (Addendum – photoshoop images added above).

harley quinn cosplay props by nerfenstein girlygamer

And that’s your lot, another cosplay prop commission complete. The Harley Quinn prop hammer and Harley Quinn pop gun will be off to their new home later this week and I will bid them a bittersweet goodbye.

This is also the second lot of props I am adding a gallery descriptor to. Those are the little white cards you see in galleries with – generally speaking – pretentious explanations of what the piece is trying to say. This is just a fun thing I will be doing to each mod and prop from now on, you know, because it’s art… or something.

harley quinn cosplay props by nerfenstein girlygamer

Galleria de Nerfenstein
Dr. Quinzels Tools of the Trade! – Nerfenstein Circa 2013
Harleen Quinzel is the epitome of the dichotomous characterization in popular media. Nickname Harley Quinn, the psychologist come jester villain shows us the fragility of the human mind. The hammer as destructive tool speaks to us in parallel with the obliteration of Harleen Quinzel, a hammer as building tool covers the rebirth as Harley Quinn. The ‘pop’ gun stands as a symbol of non-violence, wrapped in an over-compensation in size. Really? No, it’s just a big ass gun and a bigger ass hammer… BOOM!

harley quinn cosplay props by nerfenstein girlygamer

Harley Quinn is ‘bat’sh*t crazy, I hope she puts these ‘bat’sh*t crazy props to good use! …. do good things people!
Nerfenstein out!

Harley Quinn cosplay photo credit [TheBlakeImagePhotography].

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53 thoughts on “Harley Quinn giant hammer cosplay prop and pop gun”
    1. It is closed-cell foam. You can coat it in a multitude of ways, including latex, plastidip, even PVA, or not at all if it’s not going to be pulled around.

  1. Did you make a mold for the head of the hammer and use a pourable foam or did you form the hammer head?

  2. Safety and precaution is the fist major concern at any point…..cosplaying itself is gives you very joy with have many options….Thanks for sharing the post with us…

  3. I live in Las Vegas. NV Am very interested in your work. Can you please email me with further details. Thank You and have a Wonderful Day 🙂

  4. II was wondering how much it would be if you could make these for me. If they are going for sale. Please let me know Thank You (:

  5. I recently emailed and Facebook messaged you 🙂 please let me know when ur available to set up a commision

  6. I love Haley guinn! And I love your work! Is there anyway i could buy this from you? I’m from Wisconsin, and I hope I can soon own these AMAZING items!

  7. Hi! I am going to be harley Quinn for Halloween! I was hoping I could buy your amazing work! Please let me know soon

    1. All emails are responded to within a few days (other than over Xmas break), so if you never got a response, I never got your email 🙂

  8. HI there. These look amazing! I was wondering if you still make the by any chance? Im looking to cosplay as her next year.

  9. Hello, I was wondering if you would be willing to make one of these mallets sometime after the holidays. We’re shooting a fan film and my producer just fell in love. If it’s at all possible, could you send me an e-mail on how much it costs, when you could have it done, and how to pay for it, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks! -A fellow cosplayer and deviantart watcher

  10. I want to go to comic-con dressed as harley quinn. I was wondering how much this would coust to buy. Please let me know soon.

  11. Hey. I really love these. Im actually going for my first time to a Con in my state and I’m going as harley. I’m actually gonna design my own bat which i chose to use as my main weapon for my cosplay but this actually got me amazed. I really love the way u created these. What size of foam did u get for the hammer head And where can i buy one? Also, What did u use for the handle? 🙂 I hope to get a answer from u as soon as possible. ^__^

    1. Hi again Gata,
      I’m making a baseball bat at the moment ;p
      I use the regular thickness foam for this, you should be able to get it in your local hardware store. You will also find the poles in there where the timber is kept. Hope that helps.

  12. Hello again. Two more questions sorry ^_^’, how did u get the handle in the hammer head and do u have a video tutorial for this hammer? Link me if u do. Thank u hun.

    1. I made it so the handle slotted inside for strength. Sadly I don’t have a tutorial for this build.

  13. How much would the hammer be if it’s being shipped to NYC? And would the cost be any different if it the hammer heads had different designs? I have a group cosplay in the works and that hammer would be perfect for me!

  14. Hi. I was wondering what kind of glue you would use for that kind of foam and if the latex would hold it together? I’m having trouble finding a glue that will stick it but not melt it. Thanks.

  15. hI ! do you have a video to learn how you make it, please !?

    Thank you ! (: good job btw !!!!

    1. I don’t recall the overall cost for materials if you/re making one. My commissions are on hold presently.

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