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DIY simple Nerf barrel extension for Nerf Firestrike pistol

Easy Nerf barrel extension mod

Hello Nerf fans, this one is for you, I bring you a simple DIY barrel extension mod for the Nerf Firestrike, though it can be tweaked for pretty much any Nerf blaster / toy gun you need to use it on. Kudos where it is due, this idea came via Henry in the comments here at my site, he said he’d used it on soda bottle ray gun builds (in the comments of my soda bottle ray gun build) and I thought there was no reason that couldn’t transfer to non-soda bottle mods… so thanks Henry for planting the seed and taking the time to comment at my site.

So the idea here is simple DIY interchangeable barrel extensions for the Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike, but barrel extensions that aren’t just aesthetic. This blaster still works with all these extensions, it doesn’t appear to impede performance in any way.

nerf barrel extension mod by nerfenstein girlygamer

Nerf DIY Barrel Extension Tutorial:
NOTE: “Soda Bottle” is used as a general reference for any standard drink bottle (brand Coke, Pepsi etc). Here’s where you start… you need a soda bottle and lids that fit the screw cap (amount of lids dependent on how may extensions you’re making, one lid per extension). Cut the top of the lids off, leaving the screw section whole. Once you’ve neatened the bottle screw section glue it and slip it over the Nerf Firestrike exit, standard soda bottle should fit perfectly / snug over this. That’s it, how simple was that?

nerf barrel extension mod by nerfenstein girlygamer

Now for the extensions, I made two of these myself, you can do that too, here I used some pvc pipe and a drilled coupler for the large suppressor / muzzle break, the short one I used a hair roller (yes yes I know I do love my hair roller muzzle breaks lol). If you’re going to use a standard Nerf barrel extension make sure you glue in the cap FIRST and screw it tight to the bottle screw section and then glue that over the Nerf Firestrike with the vent holes toward the top. When mine was screwed on tight, the vent holes were on the bottom, not as cool and you need to remove and re-glue… annoying.

If you are unclear on how the extensions were done just make sure the screw caps slot in the end size wise and glue them, now they just screw onto the end like say a silencer on a Walther PPK James Bond style. Bottle screw section over the end of the gun, lid inside the connecting side of the extension.. so it’s like screwing a lid onto a drink.. easy. Cue James Bond theme.

nerf barrel extension mod by nerfenstein girlygamer

And here they are in hand (below). They’re really well fitted, easy to put on and take off and sturdy when attached. I did a test and darts didn’t appear to fire any worse with them on when compared to them not on, good news for performance pedants.

nerf barrel extension mod by nerfenstein girlygamer

I hope you liked this tutorial and will find it of some use, I know I’ll be trying this method again on other mods, and remember screw top bottles come in different sizes! Imagine the options you now have… cheap and fairly simple.

If you use it, please give me a link.. or at the least a mention.. that would be the cool thing to do.

Till next time people… what do we say?! ….

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12 thoughts on “DIY simple Nerf barrel extension for Nerf Firestrike pistol”
  1. This is such a simple idea yet I have not seen it used anywhere else. Thank you for sharing it with us in the community Nerfy.

    1. I did a few to test what was best, I squashed one and used the scroll saw, but to be honest using an Xacto knife was better, slicing through the thin part, then slowly cutting it back until it was flat, then hit it on the belt sander.. be careful though!

  2. I did a similar thing last year myself using soap bubble blowing bottles, since those are already about the right size and shape for a barrel extension. Also, very cheap!

  3. What diameter PVC pipe did you use, and what was the diameter of the hair roller? (apparently, here in the U.S people don’t sell hair rollers like they used to) I’m having a bit of trouble with this mod, I’ve gotten the cap and screw part covered (In fact the way I cut it, I managed to make the screw piece fit snugly on the muzzle, however I probably will glue it) but the barrel extension itself is a bit tricky, If you could help me, I’d be most grateful, Thanks! “ITS NERF OR NOTHING!….or super soakers….”

    1. Hi Will,
      the PVC pipe was around 3cm. Essentially you will know as a regular bottle screw-cap will fit perfectly inside. The PVC shroud I would assume was around 4cm as it fit snuggly over the 3cm length. I don’t have the hair-rollers left at the moment to check, but given the screw-cap fit snuggly inside it, I would gather it too was around 3cm. Take a screw-cap lid with you when getting your pipe, if it fits very snug inside, you’re onto a winner!

      Hope that helps.

    1. I haven’t tried, but I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t use this technique on the barrel exit. Test fire it before gluing on anything though.

    1. Which one is the ‘third’. One is PVC, one is an official barrel extension and one is.. wait for it.. a ladies hair-roller <- you will know this is you follow me on Facebook lol.

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