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wool by hugh howey film casting

Wool by Hugh Howey – Who would you cast in the movie?

A Wool movie based on the book Wool by Hugh Howey

I thought I’d hit my blog section up with something non mod related *GASP*. I used to update my blog with all manner of geekdom, delve back far enough and you’ll see posts on TV series, movies, SciFi and general geekery. Since taking up prop making and Nerf modding these posts have been few and far between, until today. I’ve been reading a book by self published author Hugh Howey, the first book in the “Wool” series. I’ve got no affiliation with Howey, other than being a huge fan of what I’ve read thus far, I just wanted to share this with you on the off chance you haven’t had the pleasure of “Wool”.

As books go I’m finding “Wool” a fantastic read, emotionally fraught and gripping “Wool” has some of the best characterization I’ve ever been privy to in written form, it’s brought me to tears on more than one occasion.

Recently Ridley & Tony Scott’s production company bought the rights to “Wool” and a film version is eeking its way forward at Fox, with J Blakeson presently in talks to direct. Given this news I’ve been playing ‘let’s cast Wool the movie’ chatting to my friend Pat – who put me onto the book series – about who we’d like to see cast. The thing about “Wool” is, for a book series its characters are so fleshed out – even peripheral characters – that it’s easy to cast actors in your mind as you read. Here’s what Pat and I have discussed so far (for Wool book 1):

Juliette – Lindsay Lohan.. we jest.. I thought Rhona Mitra would make an epic Juliette
Holsten – Liam Neeson or Gary Cole
Allison – Elizabeth Mitchell (well wives in Hollywood movies are always hotter and younger lol)
Mayor Jahns – Got to be Helen Mirren!
Deputy Marnes – Sam Elliot no question
Bernard – We couldn’t decide on this one, so in the running is Paul Giamatti, Joe Pantoliano or Jason Alexander
Walker – Ian McShane or Brian Blessed (see Knox they’re interchangable lol)
McNeil – Dame Judy Dench .. come on, you know you’ve pictured it!
Knox – Ian McShane or Brian Blessed
Doctor Peter Nichols – (Juliette’s father) Liam Neeson (yes there’s some movie casting crossover with Neeson up for two parts lol).
Solo – It’s a shame he’s not older because Jeremy Davies would be perfect to play this guy, he does twitchy nervous a little too well lol.

Well that’s our movie cast for “Wool”, what do you think? Who would you cast in “Wool” book 1 and why. Please NO SPOILERS in the comments as I haven’t finished book one yet and will be gutted. This is to discuss who you would cast in the movie adaptation of Hugh Howey’s book “Wool”.

Here’s the book trailer for “Wool”:



Till next time people… what do we say?! ….

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6 thoughts on “Wool by Hugh Howey – Who would you cast in the movie?”
  1. I’ve never even heard of it, but I googled it after reading this and it seems to have some hype about it, so thanks for bringing it to my attention Girly. I’ll probably DL it over the weekend on my Kobo if I can.

  2. Agree with Mitra, she would make an astonishing Jules!! Now when I’m re-reading it that’s all I’ll be able to picture.

  3. Patrick Stewart for Bernard! If you’re going to have Mitra, why not another Brit, a nice mix of accents would be great!!!!

    1. Oh nice, thanks for the heads up Lisa, I’ll have to take a peek and see if my friend and I have had ideas repeated by others 🙂

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