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Judge Dredd badge and Dredd 2012 Blaster prop build

Judge Dredd cosplay props

Time for another foamidable prop gun build, but not just a foamidable, a foamidable blaster prop and a resin badge prop to set things off. I had done a test pull of the Racoon City police badge as I wanted something really detailed to practice on, they turned out fantastic, but I can’t really sell them obviously as I didn’t make the original. I wanted to rectify this by making my own badge of some description so it was completely made by me. I opted to make one of the Judge Dredd police badges, because I love the design and it wasn’t so detailed I couldn’t do it all by hand (oh to have a lazer cutter huh). I also wanted to finish my 2012 Judge Dredd gun that was still sitting in my workshop. This is the result of those two projects together.

handmade judge dredd badge

As you can probably tell the badge was quite the nightmare to do, lots of tiny pieces that all had to be cut precisely and sanded before gluing and again afterward. Still given it was all hand done, not too shabby. I put it on a ball chain and it looks pretty cool for cosplay, or on a shelf for display (or you could stick it in a frame with Judge Dredd / 2000AD memorabilia.

handmade judge dredd blaster cosplay prop

I didn’t do too much to this foamidable prop because it is essentially a plain black metal gun, just some edging detail to make the paneling pop a bit and show up things like the sights and trigger detail.

handmade judge dredd blaster cosplay prop

This was a fun build and if you need one, I can do either / both via commission. Hope you’ve liked it!
Til next time funsters.

Till next time people… what do we say?! ….

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8 thoughts on “Judge Dredd badge and Dredd 2012 Blaster prop build”
  1. Just wondering how much you’d charge for a blaster and badge with a different name. And wondering if you’ve planed on making the costume as well.

    1. The badge is in my prop shop, the blaster would be a commission and I’ve got a few at the moment so I’d need to schedule it in.

    1. Thanks for the interest. The badge is in my prop shop, the blaster would be a commission and I’ve got a few at the moment so I’d need to schedule it in.

  2. Hi me and a friend of mine are currently working on creating a dredd costume but are having trouble with the lawgiver we have ideas on how to make one but i was wondering how much it would cost to have a lawgiver made? The badge not so much but they both looked cool!! Many thanks

    1. Might be cheaper for you to just find a squared gun and paint it black. A scratch built heavy lawgiver would be over $150- foam built less.

  3. Late to the party, just found your site. Can’t believe you handcut that from styrene that is nuts, I would not have the patience for that. Nice job on the gun, doesnt look anything like foam though.

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