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Achtung Panda! Panzer tank Nerf blaster mod

Achtung Panda! ….

Thought I’d do a little army mod, but had to add my usual twist. This is based on the Panzer Tank Division 10 .. the Panda’s tears and mouth are actually the 10th Panzer Division logo. The signature is that of a guy named Rommel.. though I’m sure you already spotted that too. Needless to say this is a base Nerf Rayven, fully sanded and prepped and then detailed. I came up with the concept, which tickled my funnybone. The “Achtung Panzer” thing is fairly recognizable and a Panda.. well who doesn’t love a Panda?!

Achtung Panza panda nerf mod by nerfenstein girlygamer

The Panzer Express is a play on fast-food chain “Panda Express”, somewhere I loved when I was in the US… right or wrong lol.

This is an art piece, it’s really meant for display and as a conversation piece, something that has been spurred every time someone new sees it in my house, it hasn’t failed to please yet, which feels so great obviously.

I hope you all like it as much as those who have seen it in the flesh.

Till next time people… what do we say?! ….

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4 thoughts on “Achtung Panda! Panzer tank Nerf blaster mod”
  1. Hi there, i really like the functional look. keep up the good work.
    just one thing is kinda odd, the red symbols. well the eagle is on the very edge but the skull symbol. dunno, a swastika would be less offensive.
    ..anyway i don’t know if you don’t care or whatever, and it’s still art so..
    ..yeah greetings from good old germany.
    (the “Achtung Panda” text made my laugh hard) 😉

    1. Hi RSA!
      thanks for the comment. You know the funny thing is I deliberately left off the swastika, as I didn’t want it to be offensive. It never even crossed my mind any other part of it would be, so I’m sorry about that. This was really meant to be a fun art piece that would sit on display and get conversation going. The person that bought it really enjoyed the humor also.

      Thanks for taking the time! xx

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