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FF VII gun Cerberus prop pistol for cosplay display

A try of the FF VII gun Cerberus

Forgotten all about this one until someone reminded me recently. This is my take on the FF VII gun Cerberus. Triple Barrel crazy. This is a full scratch build other than the trigger base section with grip and single hammer. There’s 4 tones in the hand grips and three on the metal (black excluded). Still got to make the token and chain attachment, also the hammer is gold so that needs added that is part of the Final Fantasy Cerberus weapon, just to set it off a little more.

This build is primarily wood, though it’s completely puttied to give it that awesome smooth finish that can then be detailed like metal. This particular one is on hold for someone, though I can be commissioned to make others if need be. I’m playing with the idea of a steampunked version of the FF VII Cerberus pistol because I think that would be wicked, assuming I get the time.

Final Fantasy VII Cerberus revolver cosplay prop girlygamer nerfenstein

Hope you liked this quick update.

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7 thoughts on “FF VII gun Cerberus prop pistol for cosplay display”
  1. A steampunk version of this would be amazing! I’ve been looking at the new Batman dart gun that’s out and debating whether or not it would make a cool tripple barrel steampunk pistol or not. Have you had a look at it yet? It’s $15 at Kmart.

    1. Hi Brandon, I bought it yesterday, priming it tomorrow, though I haven’t chosen a ‘theme’ as such yet as it hasn’t spoken to me yet. Guess we’ll see, steampunk it may well be! (on a side note I believe I paid $25 in Target.. grumble grumble).

      1. Oh I’m so excited now! Yeah I saw them at target for that price and thought no way! Then someone mentioned the kmart ones and thought that was a bit more resonable. Sorry I didn’t warn you in time. I haven’t purchased one yet myself. I might wait and see how yours turns out first 😛 I bought a whole stack of the vortex range today and plan on giving them a nice dirty sci fi paint job.

  2. Just found your blog, good work! I was looking up prop makers on the Gold Coast in Australia 🙂
    I love this, actually I love many. Email headed your way.

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