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Robocop Auto-9 gun prop paint mod

Robocop Auto-9 cosplay prop

This is just a quick update as this was essentially a sand, prep, paint mod at its very basic. I nabbed this pistol last year because I thought it looked like Robocop’s Auto-9, on which is is clearly modeled. When modding it I went as basic as possible, so that it looked more realistic and a bit plain. I could have even literally left this with a couple of the base black coats and it probably would have looked more like Robocop’s Auto09 pistol than it does now, but that seemed like a cop out (boom boom!).

I did a full dry brush on this with some nice bolt gun metal. I also added some decals because I can’t help myself, these came in the form of the iconic OCP (Omni Consumer Products) logo, the evil mega-corporation within the films plot.

robocop auto 9 cosplay prop by nerfenstein girlygamer

That’s it, all finished. This gun has electronic sound and lights, though personally I should have stripped them out and weighted it, oh well, live and learn.

Post written for GirlyGamer.com.au and fired to Tumblr and other social networks via particle beam accelerator.

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