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mass effect nerf scout mods by nerfenstein girlygamer

Mass Effect N7 Normandy Nerf Scout pistol mods

More Mass Effect because I love it

Nerf Scout, two words that do delight me as a modder. I realize a lot of Nerf fans don’t like the Scout because it lacks power, but for me, the Nerf Scout is one of the best Nerf guns as far as realistic look and design, not to mention ease of modding. There’s something about this pistol that I just adore and color schemes seem endless. I’ve done a few Nerf Scout mods previously (the crazy Hylian Zelda Scout with shield and the female inspired Alyx Vance and Helena Cain mods), but now it was time for more Mass Effect.

nerf scout mods mass effect N7 normandy blasters girlygamer nerfenstein

I went for a tri-color feel using colors that I felt best represented the Mass Effect universe. Added in some nice Mass Effect Normandy decal detailing and bam all done. Needless to say the under slide area is also done to look like used dark metal.

nerf scout mods mass effect N7 normandy blasters girlygamer nerfenstein

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5 thoughts on “Mass Effect N7 Normandy Nerf Scout pistol mods”
  1. i don’t agree with the majority either. i think the scout is great. i actually have a couple waiting to get modded and painted. 🙂 your article just gave me ideas. thanks a lot!

      1. as of this moment i have four of them. i grabbed the last pack at the local department store. i’m finding the “stock” paint is taking quite some time to come off them though…

  2. I think the scout is a great gun too. On ”NerfModsAndReviews”, they say that this gun can shoot 30 ft out of the box and have great accuracy…
    20$ for a pair of realistic looking nerf singleshot that shoot 30 ft out of the box, best nerf value after the nerf Proton (12$ in US, shoot 70ft out of the box but don’t have a good accuracy cause i’ts shoot discs).

    So… yeah the scout is great!

    1. Yay! Another fan of the Scout. It is a great little blaster for sure. I have a few sitting waiting to be done actually, so thanks for reminding me to get onto them!

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