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When The Hobbit meets Star Trek – Klingon Dwarf

When The Hobbit meets Star Trek – Klingon Dwarf

So today the first picture of the dwarves from the upcoming movies “The Hobbit” were revealed, most of them look cool, but one of them kind of stands out to me a little. The dwarf in question is Thorin Oakenshield, played by Richard Armitage. You can see the image I’ve popped below, surely I’m not the only person thinking… err.. klingon not dwarf? Dude seriously looks like a klingon from Star Trek and not a dwarf from the Tolkien universe. Given “The Hobbit” inhabits the same geek realm as “Star Trek” (in so much as geeks will no doubt have some knowledge of both), one has to wonder why they went for the klingon look and not the dwarven look. I’m sure the finished product will be great and the rest of the dwarves look pretty cool, but this particular klingon dwarf just isn’t happening for me.. too much of a headspin.

the hobbit klingon dwarf thorin oakenshield or gowron

klingon dwarf thorin oakenshiled and gowron

more klingon dwarves from The Hobbit

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  1. And Elves = Vulcans?

  2. oh no its the KLINGONS!- I mean dwarves… you know what… either way hide all the beer.

  3. Seen the movie and sad to say they not only look like klingons they act like them too.. also the weapon they use is klingon weapons not dwarven. Manny more mistakes have been made but this is one of the worst in my opinion. Have to say I loved the movie thou.

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