• Tue. May 28th, 2024

The Big C with Laura Linney – Cancer with humor

Sure, I know there is nothing funny about cancer and Showtime have had to stand up for this show because of the humor slant. Creator Darlene Hunt stated “Cancer itself is not funny, but people are funny, and the way people choose to handle different situations… can be humorous no matter what the circumstances.”

the big c showtime tv series laura linney

Hunt hit the nail on the head, as Linney’s portrayal as the suburban housewife getting the devastating news is funny and irreverent. I am pretty certain this will get picked up fairly swiftly for Australian consumption, other than it being a Showtime series which in the past has stilted things. If it does, watch it, the first episode is just fantastic, particularly for fans of dark humor, like Nurse Jackie and Breaking Bad.

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