• Mon. May 27th, 2024

The Gates is 4 episodes in and still worth a watch

The Gates TV show

With still no news on the Aussie channels picking it up ABC’s The Gates just gets better and better. We’re 4 episodes into this show that was touted as Desperate Housewives with vampires, a tag that has probably done more damage than good. The Gates isn’t Desperate Housewives with vampires, it is its own series with its own set of unique characters and stories, so don’t be put off by the Desperate Housewives link. Favorite character is still Claire “oh what new mess can I get myself into” Radcliff.

the gates tv series

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One thought on “The Gates is 4 episodes in and still worth a watch”
  1. I wish it hadnt got axed. It was so good and I wanted to know what Devon was gonna do in season 2.

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