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I’ve had some cool people at various websites cover my work on Nerf mods and I thought I’d cover them here for a few reasons. Firstly if someone has taken the time to write about me on their website, they at least deserve a link from me, secondly it’s a good way for me to keep track of those kindnesses and thirdly I thought it might be interesting to my readers.


Nerf Rayven Nerfender mod - Kotaku coverage 2013
Australian Girl <- GIRL! Yay! Thanks Kotaku ;p[/caption] Kotaku – April 2013
It seems someone at Kotaku liked my NerFender Electric Guitar Nerf Rayven mod enough to post about it. My favorite thing about this press coverage is they refer to me as ‘girl’.. which has connotations of being much younger than I am and what woman doesn’t love that! Glad they liked the mod.
Thanks Mark Serrels! Appreciate it.

Australian Girl Transforms A Nerf Gun Into A Really Weird Guitar
LINK: Kotaku – NerFender


[caption id="attachment_3330" align="alignleft" width="250"]The Geek Next Door interview Feb 2013 Thanks Al at The Geek Next Door!

The Geek Next Door – Feb 2013
I’ve no idea how I hadn’t already heard of ‘The Geek Next Door’, it’s a geek site based in Australia and I am a geek based in Australia! Anyway I am glad I have it bookmarked now. I was really happy to be asked to take part in an interview with the site, talking about all things geek! If you’re a geek like me, be sure and check out the site. Thanks guys!

Nerfenstein’s Wonderful Toys!
LINK: The Geek Next Door


Neatorama Batman Steampunk blaster mod
Neato!.. Rama! Batman Steampunk FTW!

Neatorama – Jan 2013
Neatorama is a cool site, so knowing they thought my Steampunk Batman Blaster mod was cool enough to cover fills me with glee. The fact they thought it was “Sweet” also fills me with glee!

Needless to say this is just another little shout-out to say thanks to the guys and gals at Neatorama for publishing one of my mods, Really appreciate it guys.

Custom Steampunk Batman Blaster
LINK: Neatorama


Obvious Winner Steampunk Batman coverage
Steampunk Batman and Obvious Winner!

Obvious Winner – Jan 2013
Looks like someone over at cool site Obvious Winner liked my Steampunk Batman Blaster!

Last time this site published my stuff it was September 2011 when they covered the Mav2D2 Nerf Maverick R2D2 mod, so it’s great to have made it there twice!
Thanks again guys!

Holy brass and copper Batman
LINK: Obvious Winner


My Last Dart Interview
Thanks to Asif at My Last Dart!

My Last Dart – Jan 2013
Last month (Dec 2012) I was quite taken by the laidback / informative style of the content of new Nerf Blog “My Last Dart”. I don’t get to read a lot of Nerf sites due to work, family and of course modding / prop-making, but this one seemed special so I bookmarked it. Got chatting to the man behind it on Twitter, cool guy! Next thing I know I’m being interviewed for the site… epic!

Interview with a Nerfenstein
LINK: My Last Dart


Foam Dart Goodness Interview
Foam Dart Goodness… thanks Joe! xx

Foam Dart Goodness – Nov 2012
Joe over at Foam Dart Goodness asked if I would take part in an interview series with other Aussie blaster enthusiasts. This is a great series as it encompasses many people from the blaster community here in Oz and I was lucky to be included with such cool people, all of whom were asked the same questions. Thanks a bunch Joe, appreciate it.

Interview – Australian Blaster Enthusiasts – Part One
LINK: Foam Dart Goodness/


Geek in Sydney covers Borderlands 2 mod
Geek In Sydney - Thanks Evan, appreciate it!

Geek in Sydney – Sept 2012
Stumbled across this bit of coverage and the guy who wrote it was so kind with his words that I thought I’d add it in here. The post is actually about the imminent release of videogame Borderlands 2, and Evan covered my Borderlands 2 Sniper Rifle mod in his little write-up. Thanks Evan!

LINK: www.geekinsydney.com/


irrational games nerf rayven rolston repeating rifle rayven
Irrational Games Twitter!

Irrational Games – Sept 2012
I returned from the U.S. after being offline for a week and a half and saw Irrational Games had tweeted my Nerf Rayven BioShock Infinite mod! I know it’s not press coverage as such, but these days SocMed is getting that way and it tickled me, so here it is for prosperity. Thanks guys!

Nerf’s Rayven meets The Rolston
LINK: Twitter.com/IrrationalGames


Nerfenstein Press Coverage NerfWerx article
NerfWerx .. thanks a bunch Nerfmonger

NerfWerx – July 2012
I hadn’t heard of NerfWerx before, so it was a pleasant surprise when I visited the site after getting a ping back here at my blog and ‘Nerfmonger’ had written about my work. I was particularly impressed Nerfmonger noted the ‘art’ I do as opposed to just ‘modding’. Bravo!

Creative Blaster Mods by Nerfenstein
LINK: www.NerfWerx.com


Urban Taggers Nerf Rayven coverage
Urban Taggers covers Nerf Rayven - Thanks Pocket!

Urban Taggers – July 2012
Urban Taggers is one of my favorite Nerf sites, it was the first Nerf site I ever bookmarked, so coverage from them is extra special. I was surprised by this one, but it’s nice they’ve done something I’ve been meaning to do myself, look at one particular blaster, this time, the Nerf Rayven. Thanks Pocket.

Nerfenstein: Nerf Rayven Madness
LINK: http://urbantaggers.blogspot.com.au


Han Shot First Mav2D2
Han Shot First <- love it

Han Shot First – May 2012
First up, love the name of this site, secondly they didn’t write up this mod, simply saying “Words fail me. Here’s how it was done:”, I like that as it’s kind of complimentary without waffling on lol. Thanks Tonio.

LINK: http://han-shot-first.blogspot.com.au/


Nerf Universal blogspot covers mods
Nerf Universal, not Universal Nerf.

Nerf Universal – April 2012
I hadn’t heard of Nerf Universal before (just Universal Nerf, which is apparently a different site), so this was another pleasant surprise. Nerf Universal gets bonus points by referring to me in their short but sweet article as a ‘girl’, I am quite a bit too old to be a girl, but I liked that lol, thanks guys.

nerfenstein: australia cosmetic modder
LINK: http://nerfuniversal.blogspot.com.au/


Buffed de gaming website interview
Thanks Svetlana at Buffed! Interview

Buffed – March 2012
The lovely Svetlana from German video game site Buffed contacted me for an interview and I was thrilled to take part. The Buffed site is in German, so if you want to know what I said, well… It’s fun doing interviews, though it is a bit weird talking about yourself, but I guess it will be fun to look back on one day.

Buffed Gaming site Nerfenstein Interview
LINK: http://www.buffed.de/


Kotaku coverage
Kotaku coverage - Awesome!

Kotaku – March 2012
As a HUGE video gamer it was fantastic to end up on gaming site Kotaku in March 2012. A lovely person over at DeviantArt (April) contacted Kotaku after seeing something on my DA page she liked. I guess Luke Plunkett at Kotaku liked what he saw as well and wrote about it, thanks so much guys!

Awesome Lady Turns Nerf Guns into Video Game Guns
LINK: http://kotaku.com/


Universal Nerf covers the UT Xmas Nerf Rayven
Universal Nerf covers the UT Xmas Rayven - Thanks Bazookafied!

Universal Nerf – December 2011
In December 2011 I was given the great honor of doing the first Nerf Rayven mod in the world, thanks to Pocket at Urban Taggers. I guess the guys at Universal Nerf liked it enough to re-cover the story. This mod was a lot of fun to do because the competition to win it was all about being nice, I liked that.

Nerfenstein: Rayven CS-18
LINK: http://universalnerf.blogspot.com.au/


jeux video mav2d2 coverage
I do love the French

Jeux Video – October 2011
Cool French site Jeuxvideo was another site to post up my Mav2D2 mod.

Apparently the French are people of few words, but it was cool of them to post the image at any rate, I guess my French reading skills aren’t great anyway lol … thanks Cyril!

Mav2D2 Jeuxvideo
LINK: http://www.jeuxvideo.org/


 hits technabob geek website
The Force is Strong With This Mav

technabob – September 2011
My Mav2D2 mod got a fair bit of coverage and one of the places that picked it up was massive geek site technabob.
Needless to say I was dead happy with this, what with being a massive geek and a reader of the technabob site, it was almost surreal seeing something I’d done appear there. Thanks Lambert!

Mav2D2 is the NERF Gun You Were Looking for
LINK: http://technabob.com/


Obvious Winner Mav2D2 Nerf Maverick
How cool! Obvious Winner!

Obvious Winner – September 2011
The guys and gals at Obvious Winner seemed to like my Mav2D2 mod so it got a little write up over on their site. Given the usual stuff that appears on their site it was a privilege to be included and I like they said I got all ‘artsy’, because it is all about the art for me.

Geeky Cool R2D2 Modded NERF Maverick is the MAV2D2
LINK: http://www.obviouswinner.com/


Urban Taggers one to watch
UT One to Watch - So exciting!

Urban Taggers – September 2011
This made me smile when I was searching for articles to link to. It made me smile because Urban Taggers was the first Nerf site I bookmarked and judging from the timestamp on this one they were the frst Nerf site to cover my exploits, how awesome they were to show me such support way back then.

Nerfenstein:Aesthetic modding one to watch
LINK: http://urbantaggers.blogspot.com.au


So many people reblog, stick and share my mods I can’t possibly link to every Tumblr, Pinterest, Gentlemint site that does, so I just wanted to thank everyone who has ever shared any of my works (on those sites or on Facebook), I really appreciate it.

Oh and to the auto sites who blatantly copied my blog posts like they’d written them, with no link back, I saw you too and you kind of suck.

This post from GirlyGamer.com.au for Nerfenstein.

NOTE: If you covered me some place and you’re not included, just let me know and I’ll rectify.