• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
evil meeple neconomicon art by board game gran

Evil Meeple display art piece – Art

The Evil Meeple art piece by board game gran – That’s me!

Hi fellow board game fans. So, wee story. I’ve been missing making things. The cosplay builds, the Nerf mods, the crafting things out of bits and bobs. As you know if you’ve follow me for some time, I don’t have any room to make things like that. I don’t have big tools and a workshop, just half a dining table.

meeple art evil meeple by board game gran

What I do have those is foam and cutting tools, for small D&D terrain projects and what not. I really wanted to do something board game related and came up with display meeples. Oversized meeples you can put on a game shelf as a sort of decoration.

This ‘Evil Meeple’ is the first one in what I hope will become a big and varied range. I basically used something like The Necronomicon as a sort of basis for it, with its crinkly skin type texture.

I hope you like them.

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