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accounting plus vr game review psvr playstation game review by nerfenstein girlygamer

Accounting Plus – PSVR Game Review

Accounting Plus / Accounting+ PSVR Game Review:

I bought PSVR game Accounting Plus (aka Accounting+) on a whim, because it was cheap and a few people said it was a fun little experience. Honestly, I don’t know where to begin with this game, I feel like it’s a Marmite / Vegemite game, you’re either going to love it, or hate it.

Accounting Plus – Accounting+ – is such an odd game, it’s really difficult to review it. I don’t want to mention anything that might spoil it in any way for you. It is loud, obnoxious and full of irreverent humor. Everything in it seems like it was thrown together, but I get the feeling the developers were extremely calculated. You go through various short levels doing a few fairly predetermined things within each level. This means you do have choices as a player, but it’s within those few allotted to you.

Accounting Plus PSVR game review by nerfenstein aka girlygamer
Just one of the quirky characters you’ll meet in Accounting Plus

Graphics wise Accounting Plus is a weird quirky title. Levels are well detailed in the cartoon style, those levels that are meant to be less ‘busy’ might be seen by some as poor graphically, but as I mentioned, I feel like it’s all very deliberate. Sound is pretty much perfect, the voice acting is full of – some annoying – characterisations, it’s pretty much perfect for what it is and what it’s trying to evoke in the player.

Don’t be expecting a full blown game if you purchase Accounting Plus, it’s more a few very different little mini games thrown together to create the one – bizarrely fun – narrative. Even the word game could be misleading, as there really isn’t that much to do – even with the hidden levels – but if it’s your kind of humour, you can nab it on sale for $8.95 in the Playstation Store at time of writing (March 24 2019).

nerfenstein girlygamer game review PSVR Accounting Plus / Accounting+ video game
One of the faux ‘secret’ levels you’ll find in Accounting Plus

I played through it looking for a ‘secret zoo level’ and wasted way too many hours trying a many and varied amount of things. I think this is what the devs were going for, as it makes the game a much more lengthy experience than it actually is when you play it over and over again. Finding a few little ‘hidden’ bits is fun, but they’re essentially the same thing recolored / changed slightly. No, needless to say, I never found the “Hidden zoo level”. Seems like top class trolling, but it worked on me.

Buying advice? Watch the trailer below, if you find it amusing, purchase it and give it a go, just know it’s VERY short and you’re in for an unusual, NSFW ‘experience’. I loved Accounting+, my partner thought it was a waste of time and money …. like I said, Marmite.


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  1. I played this way back and hated it got bored recently and put it back on because I had nothing else and played the entire game start to finish without stopping.

    1. Yeah you can fastplay it no problem. I got sucked into trying to find the Zoo level, but I don’t think it exists, so I gave up.

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