• Mon. May 27th, 2024
diy dice tower how to make a dice tower from eva foam

How to Make a Foam Dice Tower – Part One Video

DIY dice tower in EVA foam. Tutorial video part one of two

Join me as we attempt (and spoiler.. succeed!) in making a cool Dice Tower out of EVA foam. I went with the traditional style of tower, the castle aesthetic with the wee trapdoor in the roof for putting the dice in.

This video shows most of the build (missing one bit because my camera died, but you’ll get the gist no bother). I hope you like it and find it of use. Here’s what you’ll need:

EVA foam a few different thicknesses
Hot Glue gun and hot glue (though you could skip this bit)
Supa Glue
Hot Knife / Soldering Iron / Stanley Knife / Box Cutter
Plastidip and / or paints
Paint brushes
Magnets (though you can skip this bit)

Now.. let’s make a dice tower! We’ll be painting it next video!


Hope you found this useful!

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