• Tue. May 28th, 2024
nerf double strike blaster mod nerf mod blunderbuss mod by nerfenstein

Nerf Double Strike Blunderbuss Mod – Walkthrough Tutorial

Nerf Double Strike Blunderbuss Mod Walkthrough Video

This is a follow on from the Nerf Double Strike community mod video I recently posted. It turned into a Nerf Double Strike Blunderbuss. This is the mod walkthrough / how to video for painting that Nerf mod, should you want to try one yourself.

The original mod used a Nerf Double Strike (duh), some pvc, a heat gun, various old toy greeblies, sand paper and of course paints / brushes. This mod was certainly a lot of fun getting my FB friends involved with their input!

Nerf Doublestrike mod repaint guide – The ‘Robust Dainty’ Nerf blunderbuss mod (named by FB pal Bren).



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