• Tue. May 28th, 2024
Outlive board game component repaint tutorial

Outlive Collector Edition Component Repaint Tutorial – Video

Outlive Collector Edition Components – Repaint Tutorial Video:

You may recall from an earlier video I was enamoured of the components in my Outlive Collector Edition board game. Well it’s time to paint them! A walkthrough of how, in case you want to do yours.

You don’t need any painting skill to do this, just follow what I do here and they will look the same. Outlive Collector Edition features amazing plastic components and why wouldn’t you want them to look even better than they come in the box.

Special thanks to BoardGameGeek user “Schmergel” for allowing me to use his image of the unpainted components, because I forgot to take a before shot…. doh! Thanks Schmergel!


Hope that was of use to you friend.

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