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Nerf Modding with Hair Rollers – Nerf Modding Tips

Nerf Modding with Hair Rollers – Nerf Modder Tips

I was just working on a blaster video and rather than clogging that up with this info, I thought it would make a quick video of it’s own. Hair Rollers are cheap, they come in various materials – solid plastic, flexible plastic, metal – and all different sizes. They are AWESOME for NERF MODDING. They can be used as muzzles, grips, general aesthetic presto chango! They’re a great little thing to have in your workshop.

You will find hair rollers super cheap in dollar stores / pound shops, those sorts of stores. Failing that, hit up the hair care aisle in the supermarket or department store. Nerf muzzles are calling you.

Hopefully this video quickly shows you that.

Beauty school… dropout….. go back to high schoooooooooool.

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