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Destiny Duke pistol prop and Pip-Boy / Pip Girl combo!

Sometimes a girl needs her own pip-boy

A quick update this week with a couple of my latest 3D print projects all finished and put to bed. First up the Fallout Pip-Boy / Pip-Girl combo. If you follow me on Facebook you’ll know I did these some time ago, but on posting the Pip-Girl the community spoke with a fairly loud voice because of a particular aspect. Essentially they liked it, but they didn’t like I’d done the entire thing as a Fallout Pip-Girl and left the screen with a boy on it. I love my little community there, so took their words of wisdom on board and when I got time I went back and changed it. Along with the change to the screen, I also tweaked a couple of other things that were bugging me about it, just fixing the gauge so it was more grungy, repainting the dials and a general tweak all over.

pip-boy and pip-girl fallout props 3d printer by girlygamer nerfenstein

I needed to do a Pip-Girl … for reasons

Next up the Duke .44 pistol from upcoming video game Destiny. I had help with this one from my pal RantoJax (she modeled this in 3D for me at my request), what a great job she did. We noticed a few things that differed slightly from the in game art and have since come up with a V2. I weighted this with some plaster because the standard print was really light and it looks so beast it needed a little weight behind it. Anyway, here’s the finished Duke pistol from video game Destiny.

destiny duke 3d printed cosplay prop by girlygamer nerfenstein

This is one big blaster

That’s it for this week, more to come before I head off on my trip later in the year and my blog turns into a travel blog lol.

Till next time people… what do we say?! ….

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