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I made non blasters for Christmas! – Adapting craft skills

Christmas 2013 hope you had a good one!

Christmas has been and gone for another year and I hope you all had a splendid time, whether you celebrate the season or not. I thought I’d share a couple of projects I did for my daughter this year. My daughter is an amazing artist with her own business, I’m in awe of her work on a weekly basis. She works full-time and still manages to bring out amazing pieces week after week. A few months ago she sent me an email with the subject “Can you make this?” and when I clicked the link, expecting to find a movie prop of some sort, I saw, a shelf. Challenge Accepted!

My carpentry leaves a lot to be desired, but I’ve learned a few tricks along the way, when making swords and other things, so how hard could a shelf be? I made the shelf components first, a mail holder, mason jar holder / base and a framed blackboard with chalk tray. The backing is just cut pine with everything glued with wood glue and screwed in from the back. The hooks I bought in the hardware store, measured them out level and even and screwed into the front. Shelf, done! Next!

Blue shelf with blackboard, mail holder, mason jar space and hooks? Ok.

Blue shelf with blackboard, mail holder, mason jar space and hooks? Ok.

The next prop project was to be a surprise. My daughter is a massive Disney fan and she is particularly fond of “Beauty and the Beast”. I decided to make her a prop from the movie. After a little research I settled on the clock character, Cogsworth. What a wonderful prop he would make. This is the result, a working clock with resin face.

cogsworth lifesized clock beauty and the beast

My FB pal Martin made a lovely comment with regards to the Cogsworth prop, he said he told his students “craft skills are extremely adaptable, with a little imagination”. I believe this to be a truth and one that should be instilled in others, it is one of he reasons I am such a huge fan of cosplay, people expressing themselves through imagination.. just wonderful!

I hope you have enjoyed these projects, even though they may not be why my little blog is of interest to you.

I also hope you all had a good holiday season for 2013.
2014 is almost upon us …. do good things!
Nerfenstein out!

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6 thoughts on “I made non blasters for Christmas! – Adapting craft skills”
  1. Amazing. I have recently started adapting my skills into foreign territory with mixed success, and can relate. What materials did you use for the body?

  2. You should do this more often Nerfenstein your obviously an artist and its good to streach your legs now and again. I would like to see what art you could make. Thankyou

  3. Hello, I came across your blog through Google and just wanted to say your cogsworth is amazing! I’m also getting married next September 2015 and wanted a bit of a disney theme and been searching the Internet for models of beauty and the beast characters…

    If you could make more I would be very interested in purchasing them. I can’t find any where online that makes them as big as what you have. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you Sarah

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