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Steampunk Exhibition Ipswich – Steampunk Batman and Tesla

Steampunk Exhibition Ipswich – Steampunk Batman and Tesla

Two of my favorite blasters are headed to Cassandra’s Closet for their Steampunk Exhibition, part of the Lamplight Spectacular, a Steampunk Street Party. I had the great pleasure of meeting Cassie and her family at SupaNova earlier in the year, so I was so thrilled to work with her on arranging this. Of all the many blasters I’ve done, these two have a very special place in my heart, mainly because steampunk is something I’m really enjoying exploring and I find the whole culture of it truly fascinating and really quite beautiful.

steampunkbatman tesla gaslight parade cassandra's closet exhibition

Off to Cassandra's Closet for the steampunk exhibit

I decided to box up these blasters specifically in steampunk style, so that had to be kind of old style antiquity meets a little bit of lush! The boxes pushed up how much these blasters cost, but I didn’t want just any old tat, I actually searched 3 weeks for the Batman box, as did other members of my family. The one I found – accidentally – was fairly expensive, but was so perfect for the gun I had to have it. The red velvet added the ‘lush’ factor and really makes the Wayne Industries Tri-Barrel Blaster POP!

wayne industries steampunk batman blaster pistol

Wayne Industries steampunk Batman blaster pistol

It’s all in the detail….
Needless to say I also hit up photoshop for a few hours to get the labelling just right for both blasters. The box features a matching smaller label on the lid externally, stating what is inside. The Steampunk Batman Wayne Industries Blaster features a full rundown inside, signed by Dr. Thomas Wayne… father of a certain Bat loving caped crusader. The Tesla features a tea-stained info card insert.

h.g. wells tesla pistol prop steampunk tesla HG Wells in case

H.G. Wells wouldn't be without it. Borrowed from Warehouse 13.

I’d like to thank Cassandra’s Closet and the folks at Lamplight Spectacular for inviting me to be a part of their awesome event. Sadly I’ll be in the US while it’s on, so I hope it all goes well for them.


This post written exclusively for the official blog of Gold Coast prop maker / blaster modder Nerfenstein.


  1. Great work nerfenstein girly. I would like this for my display case for sure. The info parts are a reel nice touch. Is that a reel tube on that hg gun, it looks amazing.

    • Hi Ramsay, it is indeed a real valve.
      Thanks for your kind words, these two are two of my favorites.

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