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Left 4 Dead Boomer bile bomb and pipe bomb prop

Left 4 Dead cosplay prop

Featured Props: Let me preface this prop post by saying the pipe bomb is for indoor display use ONLY. You would be an idiot to take this anywhere that is considered a public space, because although made of plastic it looks realistic. Right here we have two props, the Boomer bile bomb from video game “Left 4 Dead” (one of my favorite games) and a pipe bomb prop from the movie “Terminator” (one of my favorite movies). They use pipe bombs in “Left 4 Dead” also, which is where the original idea came from, but in “Left 4 Dead” the pipe bombs have the beeping timer light on them and I didn’t have those parts handy, needless to say you could EASILY mod this to include that, as it pretty much just sticks on the side.

left 4 dead boomer bile bomb prop for L4D cosplay by nerfenstein girlygamer

Difficulties: The hardest part of the Boomer bile bomb prop build was finding that lovely viscous green slime. I ended up picking up a couple of toys that were essentially little barrels of green sludge… perfect! If you can’t find that you could try some PVA mixed with green ink, should work given this needs to be airtight anyway.

left 4 dead boomer bile bomb prop for L4D cosplay by nerfenstein girlygamer

Making the pipe bomb prop: The pipe bomb prop was made more realistic by filling the PVC with plaster, so it’s really heavy when you pick it up, as it would be in reality.

That’s all folks! As always you can commission me to make these props and others, should you want them for display, movie making or cosplay.

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7 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead Boomer bile bomb and pipe bomb prop”
  1. Nice job on the bile bomb, the side by side is pretty epic. So the pipe bomb from the Terminator is just pvc as in plastic? Can you go into a bit more detail, I’ve got a Terminator bust and this would look epic beside it. tia

    1. The pipe bomb prop is pvc pipe and plastic caps found in the plumbing section of your local hardware store. I glued one in place, filled it with plaster, gave it a few days to fully dry, drilled a hole in the top cap for the ‘fuse’ (some plastic coated wire), glued it all together and painted it up. Hope that helps 🙂

    1. Hi Dave,
      you know it took me ages to find a bottle, I think from memory it was a tube containing glass beads.
      Hope that helps!

  2. Where did you get the container for the boomer bile? I would be interested in finding out how you made it? I have a friend who used bile food coloring and eggnog to create the “puke”. It looked really good but the hardest thing I am discovering is finding the correct container.

    1. Hi Scott,
      I thought I’d answered this for someone else, but on the off chance I never.. I ‘think’ (it was awhile ago) the container I used had glass beads in it. I literally did what you are probably doing now, went into every store specifically looking for a clear large cylindrical container that matched the lid I had (off an orange juice drink from memory – if you find a good lid, take it with you on your container search).

      As for the goop, I bought a couple of barrels of actual goop, thick slimy fluorescent green goop for kids to play with. I think it was called ‘slime’ or something, it came in little plastic green barrels modeled off those toxic waste barrels.

      I hope that helps you out Scott. Good luck!

      I just googled a pic of the beads in case it helps. This is what the beads looked liked:

  3. i cannot find any sort of schematic of the actul circut o the piebomb but wht i got was ht the positive of the 9v went to the led then button while he negitive went to the alarm thwn button. hope ths helped but it has ben fustrating gettinf demensions and the diagrams

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