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The AEP7 Fallout Laser Pistol, working Nerf Nite Finder

The AEP7 Fallout Laser Pistol, working Nerf.

I love this gun. There I said it, this mod took me a long time (probably all up about 20 hours of faffing) and I love the finished product, because there is something insanely cool about firing Nerf darts out of the AEP7 Laser Pistol from Fallout haha.

Positively useless in a Nerf war or HvZ game? Probably, but there is a good possibility whilst the firing capacity of the Nerf Nite Finder is lame (one shot, which in a HvZ / War really isn’t ideal unless you’re a crack shot of course), the off putting nature of this gun more than makes up for it, giving you time to take a bead and make that perfect one dart shot. -Please note, I don’t think the Nite Finder is lame… I am referring to the firing capacity of the blaster compared to other Nerf guns.. I loves the Nite Finder 🙂

nerf nite finder aep7 fallout cosplay prop nerf blaster by girlygamer nerfenstein

The AEP7 Nerf laser pistol.. bulky, but bad ass … don’t leave home without it.

Here’s a video I made of the test firing… ignore how happy I was at using it haha

nerf nite finder aep7 fallout cosplay prop nerf blaster by girlygamer nerfenstein

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2 thoughts on “The AEP7 Fallout Laser Pistol, working Nerf Nite Finder”
  1. i’m thinking about attempting to make this mod for my nite finder but i’m in need of the measurements you used for the wood panels, also what parts did you use for the detail i.e front back and bottom of the gun?

    1. Hi Starlight,
      sadly I sold this mod so I can’t measure it for you. Just measure so that you know when you put the rear and front panels on the front panel is essentially up against the barrel exit, so you can still easily insert the dart. The rear panel needs to take into account the plunger, make sure when the plunger is unprimed the rear panel fits and isn’t pulling the plunger out.

      Hope that makes sense. From memory that gun used mdf, styrene, foam as the main parts, with some detailing including irrigation knobs, wire clips and of course yellow electrical wire.

      I hope that helps you in some way. Good luck!

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