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T-Virus cylinder prop cases virus, antidote and amber

Poor man’s T-Virus cylinder prop cases virus, antidote and amber

So I was looking at the cool Umbrella Corp pistols from Resident Evil I’d done and thought ‘you know what would go nice with them, some Resident Evil T-Virus vial props’. I had a few clear tube options, from glass to plastic to rubber and opted for the one that was a mix of plastic and rubber. The reason for this is I figured cosplay props that can be thrown, dropped, squashed and generally treated roughly would be better than something made of glass or thin acrylic that might easily break. These T-Virus vials are great for sitting on a shelf as a prop, used on a uniform, or even flung across the set of a fan movie.

resident evil t-virus vial props in display case nerfenstein gielygamer

I managed to find a pretty sweet aluminum case with an acrylic lid, though it was expensive, so that pushed the price up a bit. Still these were pretty popular at Supanova GC and I sold all of the ones I had. I will be making more for when my online store opens however, so anyone in Australia looking for cheaper T-Virus props, I’ll have them available in the double aluminum case, small singled plastic cases or as single virus vials sans case. The colors are blue, green and orange.

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