• Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Halo pistol cosplay prop Noble Team Nerf Scout

Quick Halo Nerf mod

Just a quick update. As some of you may be aware, I’ll be at SupaNova, a pop culture event on the Gold Coast, Australia later this month. I’ve been asked by quite a few people for more Halo and Mass Effect mods, so here’s a sweet little Halo inspired Nerf Scout. If you follow me on facebook, you will have already seen it there, just playing catch-up here on my blog! Here’s the lowdown from facebook:

“Halo Nerf Scout. This is for Supanova. The drilled holes worked out pretty cool. I’ll definitely do that from now on.”

halo themed nerf mod by nerfenstein girlygamer

The ‘drilled holes’ refers to the fact I used my drill-press to actually drill out the holes. This worked great and I will be doing this from now on as the effect is much more aesthetically pleasing to me than just painting in the divots of the exhaust ports (you saw it here FIRST! lol). I’ll leave you with a pic to illustrate what I mean.

halo themed nerf mod by nerfenstein girlygamer

That’s it funsters… go back to your business and have a wonderful day! xx

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