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Walther PPK James Bond prop gun and silencer

Walther PPK James Bond prop gun and silencer

Something a little different this time, none of my trademark decals, it’s not video game, sci-fi, steampunk, or geek related, shocking I know. This is my James Bond, Walther PPK and silencer mod. I realise this Walther lacks the distinctive Walther ribbon, but the shape of this gun is close enough, so I figured it either had to be Team Fortress or James Bond and I went with what I know and love.

I decided to add a silencer just because it looks cool and I wanted to try and make one out of some scrap bits I had.

walther PPK silencer prop build WIP

Bits and pieces for the silencer

Ironically this gun has an electronic shooting sound, which is really loud. I love the noise even though it’s a bit silly, so left it as it. My only true regret with this mod is that I didn’t have any weights left, so it’s unweighted, good for cosplay (not that I would suggest taking this outside!), bad for realism.

walther ppk james bond movie prop with silencer and security badge

Is that a Walther in your pocket? No it's just my badge.

I got this gun in one of those cheap stores, it had something written on the packet like “life like sounds!” and I fired it and it was so loud I quickly pulled it off the shelf like “it’s all cool people, nothing to see here!”. It was a weird olive green color for those who wondered.

The Silencer came about from some junk Nerf bits, the original orange tip of the gun, some PVC pipe and really thick plastic washer type things (I know, you all love my technical names for things right?).

walther ppk fyeo james bond mvie prop build mod nerfenstein

The names Bond.... Jane Bond.

I didn’t want to overdo this mod, because the whole point here was realism as much as possible with regards to an actual Walther PPK, so I did a blued / metal look with some VERY gentle dry-brushing, almost coaxing out the detail as it were, this had the desired effect…. sometimes less is more. In saying that I used a grand total of 7 different shades of brown / tans on the grips, yes that’s SEVEN, sure you can’t see them all, but I know they’re there lol.

walther ppk james bond toy gun prop mod by nerfenstein

"Ours is the loneliest profession, Mr. Bond"

Decided to dress things up for a few photos – just for fun – and there we have it, a James Bond Walther PPK and silencer prop gun on a budget!

james bond walther ppk and silencer apart prop mod nerfenstein

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  1. Hey there just wondering I once saw your stuff at supa nova and was just woundering how much will it cost to have these comissioned

    • Hi Kyle,
      this one is tough, I can’t actually sell this one as it looks too real. It’s just sitting on a shelf with my James Bond DVDs gathering dust. I can be commissioned for many other blasters, but none that look so realistic as it’s a grey area legally and I don’t want to get into trouble.

  2. Wow, that’s amazing. Nice work! I found myself on your site because my son wants to be James Bond for Halloween and we were talking about finding a gun and making a silencer. Your page is perfect! So, thanks for that!

    Any chance you still recall the maker of this gun. I’m happy to mod anything myself, but we can’t find a good one that I like as well as this one that’s not an Airsoft gun (those things scare me!) So, any direction would be awesome.



    • Hi Jon,
      I think the make was something inane like ‘army gun’, it was a cheap Chinese plastic toy.
      Sorry I have no specific name, I would check dollar stores.

  3. Can you help me or know someone that could help me to purchase their
    Hoping you can help cheers

    • You’d be better checking in the dollar stores for a toy version 🙂 Cheaper.

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