• Mon. May 27th, 2024

Well that was embarrassing – Conversations with a canine variety

Ambrosius Sage .. cheeky!

I work from home, it’s quiet, but our dogs keep me company, so I talk to them. We have some quite deep discussions from politics, to philosophy, to TV. I am sure they are two of the most enlightened dogs on Earth.


ambro boat


So today I was outside cleaning and I got into a chat with the dog pictured (Ambro) about how sometimes I just don’t get people, when it’s all give give give, but it needs to go both ways. She seemed to nod at me and give a sly sideways glance to Huxley… our other smaller dog who thinks he rules Ambro and all she does.

We seemed to have a mutual understanding so I continued essentially complaining about how people sometimes just aren’t nice and how I didn’t get it…. she peered behind me and when I turned around the pool guy was standing there smiling… “I fixed the pump, we’ll see how it goes” he said. I smiled and said thanks.. and looked at Ambro telepathically linking with her for a moment to say “gees thanks a lot dude, you could have told me”. I think she smirked.


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