• Tue. May 28th, 2024
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River Song in Doctor Who is my new favorite character

River Song is my new favorite character in Doctor Who. Alex Kingston does a superb job of being the confident, kick ass sidekick.

Still not used to Matt Smith, think Tennant and Kingston’s chemistry was far better. I still miss Rose and Donna, but more River Song is a good thing. Great stuff.


She seems awesome!

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2 thoughts on “River Song in Doctor Who is my new favorite character”
  1. River Song is one of the coolest, most awesome, most best Doctor companions for YEARSSSSS. Alex Kingston is just so wonderful as River Song, she’s funny, witty, smart-mouthed, beautiful, smart and her timing is always so precise. Long live River Song!

  2. Rover Song is great. Alex Kingston does do such a good job with this character. She reminds me a little of the character Kingston played in the UK series Hope Springs. If uoi never saw that, you should definitely try and find it on dvd or whatever.

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