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Donut County – Game Review

Posted on Feb 24, 2019 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

So I’ve been playing (and finished) this game called Donut County and I wanted to write about it right here on my blog. In Donut...

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Tarful toy repaint to Black Krrsantan Star Wars – Tutorial

Posted on Feb 13, 2019 in Blog, Featured, Geek, Portfolio

Hi friends! Back with a wee art / toy mod commission today. A Tarful toy figure (ok ok collectible figure) I’m turning into Black...

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A Fisherman’s Tale – PSVR Review

Posted on Feb 4, 2019 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

On the weekend I played a charming, fun and clever video game on my PSVR, that game was A Fisherman’s Tale and my friends I feel the...

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My Top Ten Board Games of 2018 – Video

Posted on Jan 10, 2019 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

I didn’t get to play a lot of board games I wanted to that came out last year, so this list is a little on the light side, but these...

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Invasion! – PSVR Experience

Posted on Jan 3, 2019 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

I saw Invasion in the Playstation Store and figured, why not give it a go. I’d only just got the PSVR so I was wanting anything,...

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Fireball Island Curse of Vul-Kar Repaint Tutorial – Video

Posted on Dec 4, 2018 in Blog, Featured, Gaming

Welcome to the Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar Repaint Tutorial! Fireball Island is a game I backed on Kickstarter because...

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