• Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
coop vs competitive board games on gamenight insight

Game Night Insight Episode 6: Competitive vs Coop Board Games

Which do you prefer competitive or cooperative board games?

This months episode Josh (The Board Game Kaptain), myself (GirlyGamer & Board Game Gran on YouTube), Riley (The Board Game Community Show Podcast & Friend & Foe Adventure Co: A Bunkers & Badasses Echocast) and special guest Garry Snow from Dieku Games discuss cooperative and competitive board gaming.

As if that wasn’t enough we also look at a board game documentary called “Friendly Local Game Store” and honestly, I really enjoyed it, try and check it out.

Take care out there you!

GirlyGamer / Board Game Gran

Nonna who loves her family, travel, board games, video games, VR and all things geeky (oh and some terrible reality TV.. don't judge lol).

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