• Mon. May 27th, 2024
board game chat episode one with meeple village

Board Game Chat Episode 1: Intros and Board Games of 2021

Board Game Chat with Board Game Gran and Meeple Village:

Welcome to the first episode of Board Game Chat with Meeple Village. This is a collaboration between myself and the lovely Anabel from Meeple Village.

I’ve been struggling a bit with getting back on camera and Anabel contacted me on Twitter. We got to talking about doing something together. She was so lovely, how could I possibly say no?

If you haven’t checked out her YouTube Channel, make sure you head on over to Meeple Village YouTube. She’s got some head for game rules / thoughts and also does some amazing playthroughs.

I hope you like our first episode, I was stupid nervous….

Thanks as always and remember to take time for yourself!

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