• Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
jumanji board game replica upgrade and unboxing

Jumanji replica board game – Unboxing

Noble Collector’s Edition Jumanji Board Game Unboxing and Upgrade tutorial:

Hi fellow board gamer! Today I’ve got two videos for you in this one post (no point splitting them when they’re covering the same game).

First up we’ve got a little unboxing is for the Noble Collection 1:1 scale Jumanji board game (1995). It’s a beautiful collectible, until you realise they messed up big time! How could something so expensive get it so wrong, well we will fix the errors we can in the upgrade video here as well. That weird plastic though, we need to live with that.

First up here’s the unboxing of the Jumanji board game 1:1 Scale $320 AUD from Noble Collection.


If you bought it and want to fix / upgrade it, here’s a little video on how to do that too:

Hope you’ve found these useful.
Make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

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