• Tue. May 28th, 2024
playstation vr versus oculus quest impressions by girlygamer

PSVR vs Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Showdown! – Video

PSVR vs Oculus Quest the virtual reality showdown

Got my Oculus Quest finally, so how does this all in one virtual reality headset compare to the PSVR (which runs off the PS4 console)? Well if you watch this video you’ll hopefully know, or at the least have a better idea. Also, why is Oculus Quest good for PSVR? I try and think about that too.

You know me, I talk in layman’s terms and I don’t try and get clever, so if that’s your bag and you’re wondering about the Oculus Quest versus the PSVR (PlayStation VR), hopefully you’ll get something out of this video.


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