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Invasion! – PSVR Experience

Invasion! – PSVR Experience

Invasion PSVR Experience Thoughts:

I saw Invasion in the Playstation Store and figured, why not give it a go. I’d only just got the PSVR so I was wanting anything, even ‘experiences’. Yes Invasion is not a game, it’s essentially a 5 minute Pixar style film you find yourself inside of. You get to watch things unfold all around you in full 360 degrees.

Baobab studio’s did a wonderful job with Invasion, it’s a gorgeous little thing. My favorite part was probably the first time I looked down and realised that other cute white rabbit wasn’t the only one in town (I actually thought I was a snowman at first, or Bayamax.. but that’s between us ok). The problem is, gorgeous though it is, there’s just no depth there.

Invasion! from Baobab Studios on PSVR a virtual reality experience - thoughts by girlygamer nerfenstein

Invasion! is a lovely little experience, just don’t expect a game.

If you’re looking for a cute 5 minutes to show younger people, or indeed anyone who likes cute stuff, download Invasion and give it a look. There’s apparently more episodes incoming that will add to the story in some way.

Loads more info at the Baobab Website

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