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Cat Lady Card Game Thoughts – Video

Cat Lady Card Game Thoughts – Video

Cat Lady the card game by Josh Wood. I just want you to know about it!

A quick video of me waffling like a lunatic about card game Cat Lady by Josh Wood. I just got this game recently and have been playing it like mad for the last few weeks. I’ve played it with various people, both gamers like myself who love board games and total non gamers who never play any modern style board or card games.

I’ve found Cat Lady to be such an accessible and fun little set collection card game, so I wanted to make a wee video to highlight it to people who have not perhaps heard about it. Designer Josh Wood has done a great job, not only on the art in the game – which is adorable – but also the rules and gameplay, which is smooth and fun.

Whether you like cats or you’re more a dog person, be sure and check out Cat Lady, it’s such a lovely little game that ANYONE can play.

Be kind to animals, we’re animals too!
Nerfenstein Out!

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