• Tue. Apr 16th, 2024
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The Board Game Broadcast Episode One – Video

Board game news of the week in The Board Game Broadcast – Episode One

I see a LOT of board game news when I’m researching things. I figured rather than that stuff going to waste I’d start a series called The Board Game Broadcast where I run through board game news, what I noticed in board games this week, some board game trivia and also a shout out to fellow board gaming content creators.

This week in the board game broadcast I look at games released to Target exclusively, new games from Z-Man Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Steve Jackson Games, Renegade Game Studios and upcoming Restoration Games.

Board Game trivia looks at why Clue is called Cluedo most places other than the USA. Things I noticed in board games this weeks looks into seemingly traced board game art, most specifically in Ticket to Ride New York.

Check out the short episode below for more details.


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