• Mon. May 27th, 2024
nerf firestrike internal organs mod by nerfenstein

Gutsy Firestrike Biological Nerf Mod – Walkthrough Video

Firestrike Nerf Mod Jekyll and Hyde. Regular on one side, gutsy on the other.

Time for my latest Nerf mod and yeah, I know it’s been awhile, sorry. Commissions for Nerf are down due to the sheer amount of people doing them (and those people are in places that can buy everything way cheaper than me). So… bummer, not as much Nerf fun for me because I’ve got to take other commissions. Having said that, I do like to jam out a Nerf mod now and again and that’s where the Gutsy Firetrike comes in, a Jeckyl and Hyde mod, gruesome on one side, normal on the other.

I made this for a Reddit contest, but it turned out there needed to be some sort of performance mod, so I don’t think it met the requirements sadly. Ahh well, it was still a bit of fun. Hopefully you aesthetic Nerf modding fans will get something out of it anyway.

Here’s a walkthrough of the project.

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