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DIY Dice Trays – Tutorial

DIY Dice Trays – Tutorial

How to make your own cheap, but rather nice dice trays – video tutorial

If you play board games or tabletop RPG’s chances are you’ve got / use / need a dice tray, a little tray to throw your dice in so they don’t go all over the place. I’ve make many dice trays over the years, but this here is the simplest and most cost effective way to make your own AND it’s cheap!

All you will need is a deep picture frame or two, some sticky back felt or stiffened felt “STIFFENED FELT” bwahahaha. Ahem… A REALLY easy way to make a nice looking dice tray that doesn’t cost the earth and literally takes minutes to do.

Need a dice tray for your tabletop RP game or board game, hope this helps!

Really though.. Stiffened felt… tell me you didn’t smile if you’re a veteran board gamer (Stefan Feld for those not in the know, that’s why I thought that was funny). Here’s the vid:

Do Good Things you gorgeous humans
Nerfenstein out!

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