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Tabletop Game Acquisitions for November – Got Games

Tabletop Game Acquisitions for November – Got Games

My New Tabletop Games for the Month of November 2017 – Yeah I totally have Board Game Acquisition disorder lol

I’m back this month with another board game acquisitions video. Ignore the paint on my face and hands… I was painting right before I filmed this… hahaha oops. I got more new games in November than I realised, until I went to film this and got them all out.

Hopefully you’ll see some games you might want to get or talk about in the comments.
As always lovely people who take the time to read my blog / watch my videos, thank you from the cockles of my heart… cockles, just felt like using the word… it’s an interesting one.

Game on!

Thanks for watching!
Nerfenstein Out!

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