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Taco Takeover Game Review – Video

Taco Takeover Game Review – Video

Taco Takeover Game Review – Party Game Taco Takeover

This is a super quick review of party / real-time game Taco Takeover. Who doesn’t love Tacos! Well I certainly do. Not sure the card version is as good as the real deal, but still, it’s certainly thematic even if it’s a bit silly. Taco Takeover is a game that sees players (2-4) trying to fill their taco shells with the correct ingredients before other players.

Take an order card, then look for those ingredients by flipping the cards face down on the table (everyone at the same time). Taco Takeover is a fun little party game, but what could they have done to make it more playable for younger players… well… let’s take a look:

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