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Klask tabletop game gameplay and review - Klask game review

Klask tabletop game showdown! – Video

Klask tabletop gameplay and review video

If you haven’t heard of Klask, that’s okay. At an event on the weekend most of the 40 attendees didn’t know what it was either. Klask is a tabletop game similar to mini air hockey, but it works with magnets on a fairly small wooden board. Hopefully you’ll get the gist in this versus video as we go head to head and then review Klask. Many thanks to Tracy for royally kicking my ass over and over again during the making of this Klask video lol

If you happen to be in the US, Klask is available in your Target stores there. If you’re in Australia, Klask should be available in your FLGS (friendly local game stores like Mind Games, Good Games and other board game stores)

Remember people, what do we say?

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