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Nerf AEP Pistol from the Fallout – Tutorial Part Two

Nerf AEP Pistol from the Fallout – Tutorial Part Two

Fallout AEP laser pistol Nerf mod tutorial Part Two!

Here we are, back with Part Two of the Fallout laser pistol Nerf mod tutorial. You will need to have seen Part One of this tutorial for this one to make any sense to you, so make sure you’ve seen that one.

This tutorial will pick up where we left off, which was the basic shape of the Fallout AEP pistol and will go through to the end of the entire build sans painting (which will come in part three).

This build is from memory (for fun and to see how wrong I can be lol), but you can obviously use reference shots and measurements when you do your own, or I don’t know, throw caution to the wind like me and just follow along on the fly for a hoot!

Here’s Part Two of the Fallout Laser Pistol Nerf Mod build:

Till next time people… what do we say?! ….
Nerfenstein Out!

Originally written for home blog of Nerfenstein… Gold Coast based Nerf Modder, Prop Maker and Artiste who just happens to have a vajayjay. Catch up with her on her Facebook page, or if you Tweet… there’s always Twitter and guess what, she actually replies!

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