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Lara Croft’s Ice Axe prop replica Tomb Raider 2013

Lara Croft’s Ice Axe prop replica Tomb Raider 2013

I’ll preface this by saying I LOVE the “Tomb Raider” franchise, I LOVE “Lara Croft”, I have bought every game released since it appeared on both SEGA Saturn and PS1 (I owned it on both). I ‘studied’ Lara Croft at university level, I own all the figures, films etc. I am – you may say – a true “Tomb Raider” fangirl.

As props go there isn’t a whole lot that is iconic when it comes to Lara Croft, other than her clothing, belt and pistols. Sure there are other Lara Croft prop replica’s you could do, First Aid Kit, various ‘treasures’, backpack, but in the new game there is only one true iconic prop, Lara’s Ice Axe.

I did a little replica of Lara’s necklace, but the ice axe is really where it’s at, this is the result.

Lara Croft ice axe replica from Tomb Raider 2013

I finished Tomb Raider 2013 to 100% and couldn’t have done it without this

If you can’t already guess this is all mdf, nuts and bolts aside. It was a pretty time-consuming build due to all the edges and the hand-painting. Still it worked out great and was well worth the time. If you want to commission one, let me know.

Tomb Raider Ice Act prop replica build mdf Lara Croft's best friend

Lara you are a brutal bunny aren’t you, needs must!

Hope you’ve liked this latest prop replica build.

Post written for home blog of Nerfenstein… the geek you can catch up with on her Facebook page, or if you Tweet… there’s always Twitter!


  1. Nice work, but I wonder whether you know it is actually DMM Rebel and it costs £150, but you need usualy a pair to get it work.

    • I did know that yeah, but the DMM is actually slightly different when you look at it, also here it retails for around $350, needless to say without all the weathering of the game 🙂

  2. I agree, it is quite expensive but the only difference is in absence of that hole in the middle. They probably omited it for design purpose. And adding patina is pretty easy, just climb several crags and it is done 🙂

  3. id love to have one of these!! i just beat the new game and im def cos playing as laura for the next con in florida!! if you can give me a price that would be great!!

    • The Lara Axe complete is $175.

  4. Hi do you have an e-mail adress i can get in touch with you on about commissioned pieces?

  5. Wow that’s pretty cool and a great prop to choose from the game as it probably stands out the most!

    Always jealous of your talent.

    • Aww thanks matey. This was pretty much the iconic prop of the game, she’s have been screwed without it.

  6. i am based in Australia. Is there anyway i can purchase the tomb raider axe???? 🙂

  7. Oh man. I’m wanting to do a Lara cosplay this February.
    You asking for 175?
    Cause I think I can do 175

    • I’m pretty busy right now, but email me with your date needed by and other details and we’ll try and work something out.

  8. Are you still able to make these? I would love to get in touch with you in the near future to maybe order one of these if possible 🙂

    • Hi Liz, I am so sorry for my tardy response, I have been quite ill recently (updates at my FB page) and am just now catching up on online matters. I am not sure at the moment if I will be. I am traveling until late September and will see then 🙂

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