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BioShock Infinite Nerf Rayven steampunk style gun

Yup, another video game homage

Another week and another video game homage, surprise surprise. This is a game I am soooo excited about I just cannot tell you, “BioShock Infinite”, the latest game in the brilliant “BioShock” series by Irrational and 2K. Anyway I wanted to do a Nerf Rayven in a different style and figured this was it. I am a HUGE fan of the BioShock series, I bought the games, most of the toys from the games and I’ve played them through a couple of times, the writing in these games is just.. well, wonderful.

bioshock infinite nerf rayven blaster repaint by nerfenstein girlygamer

As well as the writing, the artistic design of the BioShock games is just beautiful. BioShock Infinite changes the style somewhat, given the setting differs from the city of Rapture seen in the previous titles, but it still looks astonishing.

Anyway this is my little homage to the “BioShock Infinite” world, a Nerf Rayven with a twist…

bioshock infinite nerf rayven blaster repaint by nerfenstein girlygamer

I thought this would look cool with something different than just another Rayven with colored paneling, so I went with wood grain panels (or woodgrain panels if you prefer). This added some zing to the blaster, wood grain looks nice with brass and copper tones. I’ll add another 2 images as these top photos don’t really show this gun off to how pretty it is, this is definitely a display piece for sure!

bioshock infinite nerf rayven blaster repaint by nerfenstein girlygamer

As with all blasters / props / art pieces, this one is for sale, so if you want it, just email me.

Till next time funsters!

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18 thoughts on “BioShock Infinite Nerf Rayven steampunk style gun”
  1. You said you are looking forward to the Bioshock Infinite game, so are you really a gamer, or are you just modding guns so gamers buy them, which is shithouse in my opinion. I know numerous so called ‘modders’ doing this, so your name is girlygamer, big deal. Fess up under God, are you a gamer, true?

    1. I have to say this is hilarious, have you actually read any of my posts? Did you browse this blog?
      Yes I am – I would think unsurprisingly – actually a gamer. I don’t ‘mod guns so gamers buy them’, I agree that would be lame, I mod gaming guns because I love gaming.
      That’s all I have to say, like it or lump it I guess.

      1. Why would that be lame? Making a product to appeal to a market? That’s not lame, or “shithouse”. That’s business.

        1. Well it’s not the business I’m in ;p I think art shines more brightly if you know the subject matter, or at least have a deep love for the subject matter. Could be wrong of course, thanks for stopping by.

      1. Wow that is a long answer to that right there as it wholly depends on the blaster / project. This one involved complete strip, re-paint, photoshop design work, vinyl cutting and then some.

  2. This is some amazing work. I love how you’ve done the weathering and the installation of the Columbia mural. Were some of the geometric shapes, the smaller ones towards the middle of the gun on the body, there when you began to do the modification or were they added on for appearance? Either way, this looks fantastic!

    1. Thank you so much John, really appreciate the kind words. I like to use the shapes that preexist and maybe change them up somehow. That assuming you were talking about the woodgrain areas. The base of this is splendid to work with, from a design perspective I do love this blaster.

  3. “I don’t ‘mod guns so gamers buy them’, I agree that would be lame…”

    “This one is for sale, if interested email me…”

    It just made me chuckle ^^

    Very nice mod by the way 😀

    1. Well if I can give someone a chuckle, I’ll call that a win regardless hehe.
      My point was all my blasters / props are for sale, but I’m not using gaming to sell them, I hope the product sells itself and that my love of the subject shines through, as opposed to hey I don’t game, but I know you gamers love this sh-t so here it is, buy it.
      Awesome name btw.

  4. Well I’m certainly interested in this piece Iv been thinking about the game for a while now (delayed till next year ARRGGHHHHH DX) and I have to ask, would you be interested in doing a Ratchet and Clank inspired mod? I grew up on that series and i think an R&C nerf gun would be epic

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