• Mon. May 27th, 2024
gamenight insight episode 2 an itch a board game has yet to scratch

Game Night Insight Episode 2: An itch no game has scratched

Josh, Riley, Xoe and myself discuss an itch a board game is yet to scratch

It’s the second episode of Gamenight Insight with Riley, Josh and special guest Xoe (see all their links below). This will be a regular video series hosted on Josh’s channel The Board Game Kaptain. We’ll be talking about board games and why we love them.

This week we’re looking at an itch that board games haven’t yet scratched. It’s an interesting chat. Sadly for me something was REALLY irritating my right eye, felt like I’d rubbed hot Chilli in it out of nowhere! Then my left eye joined in, I REALLY tried to persevere, but honestly, I was in quite a bit of pain / discomfort, so apologies for having to put my camera off to constantly wipe them. Still have no idea what it was, an hour after filming it went back to normal!

Hope you enjoy this episode.

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