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The Plague Doctor Display Meeple – Board Game Gran Art

The Plague Doctor Display Meeple – Board Game Gran Art

Plague Doctor meeple for shelf display!

Here’s a meeple with a dark job! He’s a plague Doctor! Hopefully you will recognise the face mask with the beak and the wee flat hat. He’s got a little lantern attached to his belt at the back (I’ll pop an image below that shows you him from varying angles.

This one took extra time because of the various things going on. The meeple shape is a little lost by adding the hat (I cut the top of his head off to add it). I also used real cloth for his clothing, so it’s got a realistic texture.

I quite like this one, it took ages to make, but I do like how his wee plague doctor mask turned out using the foam clay for the first time. It worked great, really easy to use and it dried within hours as well.

plague doctor meeple display prop

Doctory! The Plague Doctor.

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