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Warhammer 40k Meeple – Board Game Gran Art

Warhammer 40k Meeple – Board Game Gran Art

Warhammer 40K meeple for the Emperor!

I’ve always loved the Warhammer 40K aesthetic. You can see some other Warhammer 40k things I’ve made over the years right here. Today though it’s all about board games and 40K and smashing them together.

This 40K meeple took a LONG time to make, lots of little pieces and lots of hit and misses. I think the next time I do one it will be better because I learned via a few mistakes with this one.

I also made a really quick base and a little Bolter for it. I played with the idea of putting the blaster in the meeples hand, but it messed with the look of the meeple too much, so that’s why it ended up just laying on the ground by the meeple. Hope you like it!!

Warhammer 40K meeple b

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